Learn More About Open Government

The Attorney General's 2020 Open Government Summit will be online on July 31 from 9:00 AM - Noon.  Please find more information here.

The Town of Warren strictly adheres to the principles and requirements of the Open Meetings Act and Access to Public Records Act.  All public records requests (except for Police matters) must be filed with the Office of the Town Clerk.  Police matters should be filed directly with the Police Department.  Below you will find the Town's policy and an optional request form.  

Public Records Policydownload (13)
Public Records Form

To learn more about the government's responsibility to be open and transparent, please visit the following sites:

RI Attorney General's Open Government Website This page includes a link to view the annual training offered by the AG's office regarding Open Meetings and Public Records.  It also includes instructions for filing a complaint.  

Common Cause RI's "Demystifying Democracy" Series  This page includes videos of presentations given on a number of topics relating to government operations and open government.  It also includes helpful information about the workings of State Government and the legislative process.  

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