Public Notice: 2020-2021 Budget Information

Warren Town Charter Budget

Section 18.07 - Budget Schedule

(1)  The budget procedure as set forth in this section shall consist of:

(a)  An initial public hearing

(b)  Preparation of a proposed budget by the Town Manager;

(c)  Presentation to the Town Council;

(d)  Public workshops on the proposed budget

(e)  Approval of a preliminary budget by the Town Council;

(f)  Petitions to modify the budget, if any;

(g)  Public workshop on the preliminary budget and modifications approved by the Council, if any; and

(h)  Final budget approval by the Town Council.

(2)  Publication of budget schedule. Prior to December 31 st of each year, a summary of the budget process, together with a tentative schedule of dates of the various hearings shall be prepared for public distribution by the town clerk and the town clerk shall arrange for the publication of a notice thereof in at least one newspaper of general circulation in the town as directed by the town council and post copies in the town hall, on the town web site, and as otherwise directed by the Town Council.

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2020-2021 Budget Schedule

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