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Below you will find the Recreation Department's Summer Employment Opportunities

2021 Summer Employment Application

Pickleball Coordinator
Men's Basketball Coordinator


Camp counselors will provide a safe, supervised, fun, respectable
environment during program time, meals, and field trips. Supervisors will report to the assistant
director & the director.
Supervisors will:
- be certified in CPR/1st Aid
- participate in a 2-day training program
- Receive 3 work shirts to be worn daily. Do not cut the shirts.
- Work a full day (8:45 am – 3:00 pm) – Extended 7-9 am/3-5 pm
- Staff meetings twice a week (8:15 – 8:45 am)
- Work 8 weeks

- Camp Counselor (13 counselors)
- Main Tent (1 counselor)
- Gymnastics/Arts & Crafts (2 counselors)
- Floater (1 counselor)

Daily responsibilities
- fill out time sheet and exchange cell phone for a 2-way radio upon arrival
- sign out/in any equipment removed from the shed
- take attendance & ensure that lunch is ordered for your assigned group
- mentor counselors in training
- create a safe & fun environment through activities & games with your assigned group
- TRASH – periodic checks throughout the day
- dismiss your assigned group to parent/guardian and exchange 2-way radio for cell phone
- extended day children are always to be supervised

DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: Lifeguards will maintain constant surveillance of patrons in the
facility; act immediately and appropriately to secure safety of patrons in the water and at the park.
Provides emergency care and treatment as required until the arrival of emergency medical services.

Lifeguards will:
- Be 15 years of age or older
- Participate in a 2-day training program
- Work a full day Monday – Friday (8:45 am – 4:00 pm) Saturday & Sunday (9 am – 5 pm)
- Staff meetings twice a week (8:15 – 8:45 am)
- Monitor activities in and near the water through patron surveillance
- Prevent injuries by minimizing or eliminating hazardous situations or behaviors.
- Enforce facility rules and regulations and educate patrons about them.
- Recognize and respond quickly and effectively to all emergencies
- Administer first aid & CPR, including using an AED.
- Work as a team with other lifeguards, staff, and management

1. Lifeguard Certification
a. Lifeguard training course – successfully completed & valid card
b. CPR/1st Aid – successfully completed & valid card
c. State certification card
2. Conditional non-surf test completed with the RI DEM

Beach Parking Attendant Job Description

Manage parking and traffic control
Set up and take down of traffic controls; speed bumps, signage, and cones
Collect fees & monitor beach passes
Keep parking lot and surrounding area clean
Monitor kayak racks
Monitor trash barrels in Burr’s Hill and the beach area, empty when necessary
Assist with morning and afternoon summer camp drop off and pick up
Monitor bathrooms
Pavilion review and inspections on rentals
Other duties as assigned


DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: The assistant director will oversee & monitor the summer camp program, to ensure the camp is providing a safe, supervised, fun, respectable environment during program time, meals, and field trips.  The assistant director will report to the director.  

- Fill out employment application
-Interview - new applicants will require an interview, returning applicants will be on an as needed basis
-Be certified in CPR/1st Aid and civil rights training
-Participate in a 2-day training program
-Receive 3 work shirts
-Work 40 hours a week (8 am – 4 pm)
-Work one week prior to the start of camp
-Hold weekly staff meeting


  • SUMMER FOOD SERVICE PROGRAM (SFSP) – ensuring that all paperwork, meal counting, and time schedule is correct.
  • COMMUNICATION – ensuring that information is made available to parents and staff, via social media, emails, paper, and central location at the camp
  • DISCIPLINE – ensuring that campers are safe, responsible, and accountable
  • STAFF – ensuring punctuality, engagement, safety, duties & responsibilities, and respect are practiced daily
  • PROGRAM STRUCTURE & ENVIRONMENT – ensuring that the environment is clean, organized, and safe.  That the day is structured to best meet the needs of the campers.
  • SUPPORT STAFF – ensuring that CITs and support staff are monitored and working responsibly