Arts & Culture Commission

Warren Arts & Culture Commission Vision & Mission Statement 

{Community} Vision
A community that understands, values and supports the Town of Warren as an arts and cultural destination.{Commission} Vision 
To cultivate and support the presence of the arts, to encourage public interest in the cultural heritage of Warren, and to act as a resource online and around town. 


  • To build awareness of the value and benefits arts and culture contribute to the community and overall vitality of the Town
  •  To support Warren’s diverse artistic and cultural assets
  • To expand opportunities for public art, and for activities that speak to the history and cultural identity of the Town

Arts and Culture Commission Members
Erin DeThomas, Chair
Uriah Donnelly, Vice Chair
Darby Pontes
James Goff
Peri DeLorenzo
Linda Megathlin
Susan Rotblat-Walker
Amy Armstrong


WACC Public Art Guidelines:

Sites where public art is to be displayed should:

  • Experience high levels of pedestrian traffic
  • Be easily visible and accessible to the public
  • Serve to anchor and activate its site
  • Enhance the overall quality of the public environment and pedestrian streetscape experience
  • Provide opportunities for the public to interact with art

Artwork Criteria:
1. Aesthetics - WACC will seek artwork of the highest quality in terms of design and integrity.
2. Variety - WACC will actively seek a wide variety in style, scale, media and artists represented.
3. Maintenance Requirements - Consideration shall be given to the following:

  • a. What are the existing or projected maintenance requirements of the work? Are they excessive or cost prohibitive? Are any unusual or ongoing costs likely?
  • b. Is the work suitable for outdoor display or special indoor environments?
  • c. Are the materials durable and will they last? Does the work have a limited lifespan due to built-in obsolescence or any inherent weakness?
  • d. What are the artist’s suggestions for protection of the work from theft or vandalism?

4. Public Safety - Artwork shall be evaluated to ensure that it does not present a hazard to public safety.

  • a. Sharp edges, points, projections, or pinch points that may cut, picture, or cause injury by impact
  • b. Overhead parts that could be a hazard to pedestrian traffic. Artwork should follow minimum sign height requirements in areas where pedestrian traffic is likely
  • c. Trip hazards or slippery surfaces (if used for sidewalks or flooring)
  • d. Unsafe climbing opportunities for children/ adults
  • e. Obstruction of any traffic control device

Suggested Qualifications for Warren’s Public Art Artists
Requirements to Apply:

  • Artist must be able to complete the installation within the identified amount of time
  • Submit a CV/Resume
  • Submit a brief biography and artist statement
  • Supply 5-10 hi-res images of individual previous work. Jpeg or pdf acceptable. Must include cover sheet with artwork title, size, medium, valuation, year of completion, and location of artwork
  • Website link and/or art social media accounts.
  • Contact information (email, telephone number, mailing address)

Once selected, artist must collaborate with WACC to discuss the following:

  • Art project timeline
  • Supplies and services required
  • Projected costs
  • Any limitations and/or constraints intrinsic to the project or required by the Town of Warren
  • Maintenance and conservation requirements
  • A review of general guidelines and goals for the work of public art


The Town of Warren entered into a partnership agreement in 2019 with The Avenue Concept to celebrate public art throughout the Town and the Region.  The first two projects in Warren were the creation of original art work on two electrical boxes on Water Street by local Warren artists Adam Tracy and Will Schaff.  Look for more announcements regarding new art work and installations in the near future.

Artwork for Electrical Box 1
Artwork for Electrical Box 2