Board of Canvassers

514 Main Street, First Floor
Warren, RI  02885
401-245-7340 ext. 4 • 401-245-7421 (Fax)


Vincent Calenda (D), Chair
Byron S. Kee (R), Vice Chair
David E. Johnson (D)
Nancy L. Martel (R), Alternate
Timothy N. Thorpe (D), Alternate

Town Charter Section 17.04 - Board of Canvassers
There shall be a bipartisan canvassing authority of which the members shall be selected by the Town Council as provided by the Constitution and General Laws of the State of Rhode Island. Said Canvassing Authority shall be known as the "Board of Canvassers and Registration", and shall be vested with all the powers and duties now or hereafter vested by law in such canvassing authority. The Town Council shall fill vacancies on the Board in accordance with applicable State law.

Voter Registration

A Voter Registration Form can be found in Applications Page (under Voter Registration).  Registration should be mailed in according to the instructions on the form.  More information about voting can be found at the Rhode Island Secretary of State's Web page.

More information from the Secretary of State's website:  
Responsibilities of the Boards of Canvassers
  • Maintains local voter records
  • Certifies nomination papers
  • Processes mail ballot applications
  • Identifies polling locations
  • Recruits poll workers
  • Processes emergency mail ballots
  • Oversees Election Day operations locally
  • Reconciles and updates local voter records