Bristol County Water Authority


The Bristol County Water Authority purchased the Bristol County Water Company on November 25, 1986. The Authority was formed in 1984 to solve the water problems which persisted in Bristol County for many years.  The Private Company was incorporated in 1883 as the Bristol and Warren Water Works. The Barrington Water Company, incorporated in 1887, was acquired in 1933 and the following year the name was changed to Bristol County Water Company.

The Authority supplies potable water to Bristol County which is 25 square miles in area. The system lies southeast of the City of Providence at the northern end of Narragansett Bay. The community is largely residential in nature with some light industrial and commercial development. Bristol County is close to several major highways (I-95 and I-195) which provide easy access to Providence, Cape Cod and Boston.

The towns served by the Authority are Bristol, Warren and Barrington, Rhode Island. The estimated population served is 49,875. The number of customers served is 16,861. The Authority has experienced limited but steady customer growth in recent years. All customers are metered.

The Authority’s administrative offices are located at 450 Child Street, Warren, Rhode Island. The Production and Distribution Departments operate from facilities at 472 Child Street, Warren, Rhode Island. Additional production facilities are located at the Company’s Nayatt Road Well Station and treatment plant in Barrington, Rhode Island.

Average daily demand is about 4.0 MG. Demand has remained stable over the past several years.

Since December 1998, treated water is purchased from the Providence Water Supply Board and conveyed to Bristol County through the East Bay Pipeline. The construction of the Pipeline was a major undertaking which started in 1988 and was completed 10 years later in 1998 for the purpose of carrying additional but much needed drinking water across Narragansett Bay from the City of Providence to Bristol County.

Until 2011, raw water was obtained from four impounding reservoirs: Kickemuit, Swansea, Anawan and Shad Factory, which have a combined storage capacity of 460 million gallons.  Raw water was treated at the Child Street Treatment Plant in Warren.  In 2011 the water treatment plant was shut down for numerous issues, and total system supply was obtained from the Providence connection.  The plant is being maintained for an emergency supply until alternate source of supplies are evaluated.

The BCWA Board of Directors is made up of delegates from the three towns serviced by BCWA: Warren, Barrington and Bristol.  Board of Directors' meetings are typically held on the fourth Monday of each month at 6:00 PM.
A schedule and more information can be found on the BCWA website.
Meeting location: 450 Child St, Warren, RI

Warren Members of the BCWA Board of Directors
William F. Gosselin, Vice Chair
John M. Jannitto
Christopher W. Stanley