Charter Review Commission

Alexander Galinelli - Chair
Frank Alfano - Vice-Chair
John Bento - Secretary
Dave McCarthy
Patrick O'Brien
Riley Rancourt
Jan Reitsma
Jillian Sypole
Sarah Weed


Section 19.05 - Amendments to the Charter

The Charter may be amended or a new Charter adopted at any time in the manner provided by the Constitution of the State of Rhode Island. All proposed amendments shall have a public hearing. Should two (2) or more amendments adopted at the same time have conflicting provisions, the one receiving the largest affirmative vote shall prevail. The sections of any amendments added to this Charter shall be appropriately numbered by the Town Clerk and inserted in their appropriate places. It shall not be necessary for the full text of the Charter or of amendments to the Charter to be printed on the ballot. Any digest or description thereof or any question or statement which substantially expresses the purpose, or identifies the subject matter to be voted upon shall be sufficient. When any question is to be submitted to the voters, the Town Council shall approve the statement of the question, as it shall appear on the ballot. A copy of the full text of the Charter or amendments shall be posted in each polling place and such other places as may be designated by the Board of Canvassers. This Charter shall not be replaced or amended for a period of at least two (2) years following adoption.

Section 19.06 - Charter Review Commission

At least every six (6) years, a nine (9) member nonpartisan Charter Review Commission shall be elected at a general election. The duty of this Commission shall be to review the Charter and recommend to the Town Council any amendments or revisions which it believes the Town Council should consider for presentation to the electors of the Town of Warren. The Commission must report to the Town Council by the first (1st) of June prior to the next general election. The Town Council shall budget sufficient funds for the Commission to carry out its duties.