Conservation Commission


Lester "Butch" Lombardi, Chair
James Allen
Wendy Brennen
Jane Harrison
Jeanne Leffers
David Weed
Keith Morton

Conservation Commission Meetings
Meetings are held on the following Mondays of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the Youth Center at the ground level of Town Hall, 514 Main Street (enter off the rear parking lot opposite the Police Department entrance):

January 27, 2020
February 24, 2020
March 16, 2020
April 20, 2020
May 18, 2020
June 15, 2020
July 20, 2020
August 17, 2020
September 21, 2020
October 19, 2020
November 16, 2020
December 21, 2020

Town Charter Section 17.03 - Conservation Commission

A. The Conservation Commission shall consist of seven (7) members appointed by the Town Council for three (3) year terms, staggered so that no more than three (3) terms expire in any one year. Vacancies shall be filled by the Town Council for the remainder of the unexpired term in accordance with this Charter. The Conservation Commission shall annual elect a Chairperson and such other officers as they deem appropriate.

B. The Conservation Commission shall report to the Town Council and act as an advisory body to all the Town of Warren agencies on conservation matters including: Fresh and salt water surface and groundwater protection, watershed protection, flood plain protection, compliance with Freshwater Wetlands Acts, storm water runoff and other non-point source pollution, compliance with soil erosion and sediment control regulations, underground storage tanks, compliance with RI individual sewage disposal system regulations, environmental impact of the Town landfill and solid waste management, compliance with regulations that protect coastal areas including salt marshes, bogs, ponds, beaches, shores, cliffs, banks, and wetlands, protection of environmentally sensitive or unique areas, protection of conservation, recreation, and open space areas, protection of rights-of-way, easements, and other public access areas, protection of shellfish and finfish resources, protection of agricultural and soil resources, protection of wildlife and its habitat, protection of air quality, protection of trees, roadsides and woodlands, protection of the rural integrity, scenic, cultural and historic character of the Town of Warren as well as any other powers and duties granted by law or by ordinance.


The Conservation Commission maintains its own web site at Please check this site for more information.