Economic Development Board

Economic Development Advisory Board

Luca Carnevale
Natalie Thompson
Thomas Flanagan
Andrew Arruda
Gena Glickman
Zachary Weinberger
Jesse Lee Bowen
Kathryn Ablaschai
Nicole Lyons
Dan Shedd, Ex Officio 
Valerie Morozov, Alternate

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Warren Works Agenda

Town Council established the Economic Development Board by resolution in 2008. The Board consists of nine members with staggered terms. In addition, the board is advised by ex-officio members, including the Director of Planning and Community Development.

Major Goals
In creating the Warren Economic Development Board, the Town Council established the following overall goals:

1. Promote orderly growth and diversification of development that recognizes the natural characteristics of the land, its suitability for use and the availability of existing and proposed public and/or private services and facilities;

2. Promote an economic climate which increases the quality and quantity of job opportunities and the overall economic well-being of the Town and its residents;

3. Support local businesses by promoting the revitalization and development of Warren’s downtown economy and encouraging development in existing commercial, manufacturing and industrial areas.

For more information on the WEDB's creation and work plans, please read the documents in the library below.

WEDB Work Plan and Reports
Town Council Ordinance - Economic Development Board
Town Council Ordinance Creating WEDB

Warren Sign Design for Parking
PowerPoint to Town Council for Parking Signs

EDB Annual Report - July 2010
Presented to Council July 13, 2010

2011-2012 EDB Work Plan
Current fiscal year tasks to be accomplished.