Planning Board

Meetings are generally held on the fourth Monday of each month at 7:00 PM
Planning Board applications are administered at the Planning and Community Development Office in Town Hall (514 Main Street, Second Floor)

The public is advised to call or email for an appointment to ensure that staff has the availability, time and background information necessary for a productive meeting.

Correspondence intended for the Planning Board should be sent to the Chairman of the Board, Frederick D. Massie, via the Planning and Community Development Office.

Bob Rulli, Director of Planning & Community Development and Planning Board Administrative Officer

Meeting agendas and minutes can be found here: Secretary of State
Time and location are subject to change, please see the meeting agenda.

Planning Board Members
Frederick D. Massie, Chair
James Patterson, Vice Chair
James Leffers

Mike Gerhardt
Tyler Dixon
Brett Beaubien
Andrea Giles
Ashley Medeiros
Matthew Atwood

Rhonda Lee Fortin,  Secretary

Planning Board Applications

The Development Process
All development and subdivision projects in the Town of Warren are reviewed by the Planning Board in accordance with RI General Laws. The Planning Board also makes recommendations to Town Council for changes to zoning ordinances and to the Zoning Board for applications within the Waterfront Overlay District and multi-family applications. The planning process is very collaborative, and the more complicated the project, the more in-depth and lengthy the review process.

We are continually working to clarify planning processes. If, at any time, you have questions about which application to file, please contact the Department of Planning and Community Development at 401-245-2469, and consult the links below.

Planning Board Development Review Applications:
Administrative Subdivision Application. Use this application for resubdivision of existing lots which yields no additional lots for development, and involves no creation or extension of streets. This application can only be used for lot redivisions, mergers, or adjustments to the boundaries of existing lots.

Minor Land Development/Subdivision Application. Use this application for residential projects consisting of five or fewer units or lots AND that do not require waivers or modifications as specified in the Planning Board Rules and Regulations. All non-residential projects are major land development plans.

Major Land Development Plan/Subdivision Application. Use this application for any land development plan not classified as an administrative subdivision, minor land development plan or minor subdivision. The review process for a Major Land Development/Subdivision Application proceeds in three phases: Master Plan, Preliminary Plan and Final Plan Review.

Other Planning Board roles:
Proposed Zoning Amendments - Recommendations to Town Council. Proposals for amendments to the Zoning Ordinance map or to the text of the Zoning Ordinance are reviewed by the Planning Board for compliance with the Comprehensive Plan. The Planning Board sends a letter to the Town Council for consideration and decision.

Waterfront Overlay District - Recommendations to the Zoning Board. The Waterfront Overaly District is part of the Warren Town Zoning Ordinance (Article XXVI), and requires that all development in the district comply with site and design standards. The Historic District Commission and the Planning Board review Waterfront Overlay District Applications, and the Planning Board makes a formal recommendation to the Zoning Board. Download the Waterfront Overlay Development District Review Form (this is the form that the Planning Board will use to review Waterfront Overlay District applications).

Multi-Family, Apartment and Complex Developments. Multi-family or apartment projects that require special use permits under the Town Zoning Ordinance, must submit a statement to the Zoning Board from the Planning Board indicating that the proposed plat or subdivision has received preliminary approval under the board's regulations (see Zoning Ordinance, Article IX, Section 32-60 for more information).

Rules and Regulations for Subdivision of Land
RI State Law regarding land development
Policies and Administrative Procedures (Approved 12-17-12)
Comprehensive Community Plan
Warren Zoning Ordinance (Municode, Chapter 32 of the Code of Ordinances)
Warren Town Code of Ordinances
Warren Zoning Board
Department of Building and Zoning
Ethics Recusal Form (for board members only)