Tree Commission & Tree Warden

Meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month at 6:30 PM.
Meeting location: Old Senior Center, ground level of the Warren Town Hall
For immediate tree related issues, please contact DPW at 401-245-0200 .

Tree Warden
Steve Patistea

Tree Commission Members
Charles Staton, Jr., Chair
E. Jenny Flanagan, Vice Chair
Valerie Harvey
Kathleen Pannoni
Marian L. Clark
Steve Patistea, Tree Warden
Judy Fardig, Recording Secretary

Town of Warren Tree Administrative Guidelines

Town Charter Section 17.08 - Tree Commission


There shall be a Tree Commission consisting of five (5) members appointed by the Town Council from among the electors of the Town of Warren for a term of three (3) years. Said terms shall be staggered so that no more than two (2) members' terms expire each calendar year. The Tree Commission is an advisory board to the Town Council and the Technical Review Committee.

The Commission shall:

(1)Advise the Tree Warden on removal of trees and on appropriate trees to be planted on Town property;

(2)Work with the Tree warden to develop and maintain an inventory of the trees of the Town as well as a long term plan for the protection, care, removal, replacement and addition of trees in the Town, taking into account the importance of trees to environmental quality and public health, energy conservation and community character, and the need to carefully coordinate tree planting and management with infrastructure planning, construction and maintenance, and with proposed development;

(3)Develop guidance for the Department of Public Works, the Planning Board and property owners, regarding proper selection, planting and care of trees; implement tree programs and educational activities; and

(4)Review appeals by applicants whose applications for removal of trees have been denied by the Tree Warden, or by persons otherwise aggrieved or affected by the application process.

Tree Ordinance

The Warren Tree Ordinance can be found on Municode Sec. 18-7.3. Please follow the Municode link here.

Sec. 18-7.3. The Warren Tree Warden and Tree Commission.
The tree warden shall be appointed and function in accordance with state regulations as set forth in Title 2-14, Tree Wardens, of the Rhode Island General Laws. The tree commission shall be appointed and function in accordance with The Warren Town Charter, Section 14.11 Tree Commission. (Amend. 11-12-2002)

Sec. 18-7.4. Operation.
The tree commission shall choose its own officers, call its own meetings and keep minutes of its meetings. A majority of its members shall be a quorum for the transaction of business. (Amend. 11-12-2002)

Sec. 18-7.5. Public tree care.
The tree warden shall plant, prune and maintain street trees and park trees as may be necessary to insure public safety or to preserve or enhance the symmetry and beauty of the town. Unless a tree constitutes an immediate public hazard, no street tree or park tree shall be removed until the following prior notice and hearing procedure is carried out, consistent with Section 2-4-18 of the Rhode Island General Laws:

(1) The tree warden shall attach to the tree at least five (5) business days before the scheduled date for removal, a waterproof notice. The notice shall state: the Town of Warren; the date of posting; the date of scheduled tree removal; the reason for the scheduled removal; the phone number for further information; and that an appeal of the scheduled removal may be made to the tree warden. No tree shall be removed before date of scheduled removal.

(2) If any person objects to the removal, that person may appeal in writing to the tree warden, who shall, together with the town manager, hold a public hearing at some suitable time and place after giving at least five (5) business days notice of the hearing to all persons known to be interested and posting a notice of the meeting on the tree.

(3) Within three (3) days after the hearing, the tree warden, after consultation with the town manager, shall render his or her decision granting or denying the appeal. No tree shall be removed unless both the town manager and the tree warden deny the appeal.

(4) Every tree removed shall be replaced by a suitable tree to be planted at or within a one hundred (100) to five hundred (500) foot radius of the same site. (Amend. 11-12-2002)

Sec. 18-7.6. Cutting down, removing, etc. trees on-street, etc.
Any person except the tree warden who shall prune, cut down, dig up or remove any shade or ornamental tree on the common or any street, highway or sidewalk (in the compact part of the town) without the consent of the tree warden shall be punished in accordance with section 1-8. (Amend. 11-12-2002)

Note: This section is found in the current law in Town Code 1967, Section 28-8.

Editor's note: Section 18-7 pertained to cutting down, removing, etc. trees on streets, etc. and derived from Code 1967, § 28-8. Amendment of Nov. 12, 2002 redesignated this § 18-7 as § 18-7.6. Additional §§ 18-7.1--18-7.5 were also added by amendment of Nov. 12, 2002.