Tree Commission & Tree Warden

Meetings are held on the last Monday of each month at 6:30 PM.
Meeting location: Youth Center, ground level of the Warren Town Hall
For immediate tree related issues, please contact DPW at 401-245-0200 .

Tree Warden
Steve Patistea

Tree Commission Members
Charles Staton, Jr., Chair
E. Jenny Flanagan, Vice Chair
Elizabeth Andreadis
Kathleen Pannoni
Marian L. Clark
Steve Patistea, Tree Warden
Judy Fardig, Recording Secretary

Town of Warren Tree Administrative Guidelines

Do you have a significant tree located on your property and want to protect it?
Consider a significant tree designation.  

What is a "significant tree"?

Significant tree means any privately-owned tree which has been voluntarily nominated by its owner and accepted by the tree commission to be of such noteworthy interest or high value to the community because it is thirty (30) inches or greater in diameter as measured fifty-four (54) inches from ground level and/or because of its historical association that it shall be deemed to be in the custody of that community and its official assigns.

Town of Warren Significant Tree Program Application