Curbside Trash & Recycling


The Town of Warren provides curbside pickup of trash and recyclables for residential properties containing less than five (5) units. Pickup for properties containing five (5) or more units requires the approval of the Town Council.
In accordance with the Town Code, no person shall deposit solid waste, trash, garbage, rubbish, recyclable materials, brush or yard waste for collection by the Town of Warren on the curbside or adjacent to a public street or way more than twenty-four (24) hours prior to the scheduled time for collection of said solid waste, trash, garbage, rubbish, recyclable materials, brush or yard waste by the town. The trash and recycling pickup schedule is available here: (link to attached document). In the event of a holiday that falls during the work week, trash and recycling pickup will be delayed by one day. Weather events or vehicle breakdowns may also delay collections, and notices will be placed on this website.

Recycling is mandatory and all recyclables must be separated from trash. Recycling containers are available at DPW for $5. Broken containers may be returned to DPW for free replacement. If there is an overflow, recyclables shall be placed in approved containers stacked close to the special recycling container clearly indicating its similar nature. For more information on recycling, please visit the Rhode Island Resource Recovery website. Please note that shredded paper cannot be recycled curbside.

Trash Pickup Schedule

Electronic Recycling
At this time, the Warren Transfer Station is accepting electronics for recycling. Please follow the directions of the Transfer Station operator when dropping off electronics.

All electronic material for recycling may also be brought to the State-sponsored recycling center at the Barrington Public Works Department located at 84 Upland Way in the Town of Barrington. The hours of operation are:

Monday & Tuesday: 8:00AM- 4:00PM
Wednesday & Thursday: CLOSED
Friday & Saturday: 8:00AM- 4:00PM
Sunday: 8:00AM- Noon

For more information regarding hours of operation please call 401-247-1907 or visit the Town of Barrington website at

Recyclable Items at the Transfer Station 

Old Clothing 
Clothing, Towels And Linens, Curtains, Handbags, Belts, Flat Shoes, Slippers and Sneakers
  • Ties shoes in pairs.
  • Put in plastic shopping bags. Don't overfill. Burp air from bag.
  • Mark the bag as "Clothing."
  • Place on top of or next to your bin.
  • No high heels
  • No grease or soiled clothing
  • No rugs or carpets
  • Nothing damp or wet

Appliance Collection
 Refrigerators (doors removed), stoves, water tanks, dryers, washers, mowers, other metal
  • All fluids and oils removed
  • Oil tanks must be cleaned and cut in half
  • No car parts
  • Do not put materials curbside until 24 hours before scheduled appointments
 For once monthly curbside pickup call (401) 245-0200 or drop off at Transfer Station.

Used motor oil, anti-freeze, tires
 Drop off at Transfer Station Only

Yard Waste
 Leaves, grass clippings, hedge trimmings, tree trimmings less than 1" diameter
  • All materials placed in paper bags
  • Bags are available at the Public Works Office at 30¢ per bag.
Drop off at Transfer Station
*Yard Waste pickup will resume every other week, on Thursdays and Fridays beginning Thursday, June 30th. This schedule will continue through the summer and into fall. *

Tree trimmings larger than 1" in diameter. No lot clearing.
Cuts ends must face street.
Twice monthly by appointment. Call (401) 245-0200

More Resources

For household hazardous waste disposal call the Eco-Depot at 942- 1430 ext. 241. 
For general recycling or waste-related questions call the 
Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation at 942-1430 ext 775. The Rhode Island Resource Corporation is dedicated to reducing reliance on land filling through resource conservation programs such as waste reduction, recycling and composting. 

Rhode Island Resource Corporation
Recycling Department
65 Shun Pike, Johnston, RI 02919

Phone (401) 942-1430 ext 775
Fax (401) 946-5174