Warren Street Lights

In an effort to save money, save energy and provide better service, the Town of Warren has recently purchased all of its street lights.  This step alone will save taxpayer money; however, this is only the first step in the energy saving (money saving) process.  In the coming months, all of the town-owned street light fixtures in town will be converted to energy efficient LEDs with controls. This street light conversion program will lead to an estimated energy savings of between 68%-77% while reducing light pollution and allowing for better visual clarity. 

Effective immediately, street light outages should be reported directly to the Town’s maintenance contractor at 1-866-773-7138 (24/7 access).

October, 2019 Update

To date, 1,145 streetlights have been replaced with energy efficent LED's.  The savings realized through reduced maintenance costs and reduced power usage has so far totaled $398,263. These savings will continue to grow as we gain access to the controls and can refine the dimming schedule of the lights.  Below you can find a full update from PRISM on the timeline for completion.  

Town Council Update - 10/08/2019