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Town maps are created and maintained by the Department of Planning and Community Development. The Department does not create custom maps for the public, but can reproduce existing maps in letter or poster size (24" x 36"). To have a map printed, the following policies apply:

- Prints of existing 24 X 36 maps are $10.00 per map
- Prints or reports on standard letter paper or 11 X 17 sheets will cost $.25 per sheet
- We can create a CD with digital data. The cost of the CD is $5.00 plus $25.00 per hour of staff's time
- We do not create custom maps.
- We cannot print aerial imagery for the public. For aerial images, please contact RIGIS, the state agency licensed to print aerial images.

Please allow sufficient time for your requests!! Staff may not be able to handle your request immediately. Please allow 3 weeks for completion. Payment must be received PRIOR to pickup. All Town of Warren GIS disclaimers apply to digital data obtained by applicants. Prices do not include mailing and are on plain paper only (no glossy).


Plat Maps (Tax Assessor Maps)
Plat Maps are maintained by the Tax Assessor and the Department of Planning & Community Development and are updated quarterly. If you see an error or would like to make sure that a map is most up to date, please contact the Assessor or the Planning Office at (401) 245-7343. Click here to go to the Plat Maps.

Zoning Maps and Property Data
Zoning Maps can be viewed through an online resource for property mapping called Main Street Maps. These maps are searchable by plat/lot, address, owner name and include tax information pertaining to parcels throughout the town. The maps also provide zoning information and abutter's lists can be obtained. See Main Street Maps at:

View Zoning Maps

FEMA Flood Maps
For easy access to FEMA's updated flood maps, visit 
FEMA's MAP SERVICE CENTER. Helpful answers to frequent answers can be found here:

The Town of Warren's updated flood zone regulatins can be found in 
Town Code Chapter 4, Article VIII- Special Flood Hazard Areas and Flood Fringe Lands. 

Voting Districts and Political Maps

Document Library
Document Warren Voting Districts 34" by 44"
Revised June 2012