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The non-sewered areas of Warren are part of the Wastewater Management District.  This District was created to protect drinking water resources by ensuring that Indidual Sewage Disposal Systems are pumped, inspected and maintained in accordance with all applicable rules and regulations.  The installation or alteration of systems is regulated by the Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management.  

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Watewater Management District residents are entitled to up to two (2) pump outs per year.  In order to schedule a pump out, please contact the Sewer Department at the Wastewater Treatment Facility at 401-245-8326. At the time of pump out, the Town will fund a baseline inspection.  Residents will be notified of any defects that need to be corrected and systems that do not meet RIDEM's requirements.  Residents with "advanced technology" systems require fewer pumpouts, but must have a maintenance contract and receive regular inspections.  The cost for these inspections is reimbursable up to a cap of $300/year.  In order to receive reimbursement, please submit proof of your paid invoice to the Town Manager's assistant Denise Kinney.   

Cesspools have been determined to be an inadequate form of wastewater treatment and State Law requires phase-out of their use.  Cesspools within coastal areas must be replaced immediately.  More information is available on the RIDEM Cesspool Phaseout website.   

Financial resources may be available for upgrade or replacement of failed or failing systems.  Please contact Director of Planning & Development Director Bob Rulli for more information.  

Town of Warren Wastewater Management Ordinance
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