Applications & Licenses

Applications and licenses are submitted to the Town Clerk's Office at Town Hall, 514 Main Street, Warren on the first floor. For additional questions, please call 401-245-7340. Please Note: Anyone requesting a certified copy of a birth, marriage or death record is required to submit a photocopy of their driver's license and a self-addressed stamp envelope along with the application.

Most applications require a fee. Please review the Schedule of Fees for the correct amount of money that must accompany your application.

Foreclose a Property
If you are foreclosing a property in Warren, please fill out an Certificate of Registration. This is required by Town Code prior to any foreclosure.

Applying for a Town Board or Commission
Visit our Volunteer Opportunities page

Voter Registration
Please use the form to the right register to vote. The form should be mailed as instructed on the form. For more information, visit the Rhode Island Secretary of State's website. Voting? Don't forget to bring a form of Identification. Read acceptable forms of identification here

Voter Registration Form

Certified Copies of Vital Records
For certified copies, the Town Clerk's Office will need a copy of a photo identification and a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Document Library
Application for a Certified Copy of a Birth Record
Please submit this to the Town Clerk's Office.

Application for a Certified Copy of a Death Record
Submit this application to the Town Clerk's Office

Application for Certified Copy of a Marriage Record
Apply here for a certified copy of a marriage license

Marriage Licenses
Getting married in Warren? We have outlined the process through a set of documents to the right. Please make sure that you have all of the appropriate information with you when working with the Town Clerk's Office.

Document Library
Officiant Instructions for completing a Marriage License
These items are reviewed by the Town Clerk's Office

Worksheet for a Marriage License (Complete in Pencil)
Details the requirements to obtain a marriage license/civil union

Rhode Island Marriage Equality Law
What you should know when applying for a marriage license

Food, Drink and Entertainment Licenses
Opening or changing a business? Please review the documents to the right to find the most appropriate application. If you are not sure, contact the Town Clerk's Office for further assistance at 245-7340.

Document Library
Entertainment License Yearly
This application is reviewed by Town Council.

Entertainment License
One Day Use this for entertainment at single events. This item is reviewed by Town Council.

Application for Club License
Apply to open a club in Warren. This item is reviewed by Town Council.

Application for Liquor License (Corporation)
Corporate Application to serve liquor. Reviewed by Town Council.

Application for Liquor License (Individual)
Individual application for a liquor license. Reviewed by Town Council.

Beverage License (Transfer)
Transfer a Beverage License. Reviewed by Town Council.

Professional Licenses
Certain professions require licensing from the Town in order to operate in Warren. Please note that Detective's Licenses can only be issued to Warren residents.

Document Library
New Business Registration
Use this form for a new business

Renew Business Registration
Use this if you already have a business

Private Detective's License
Use this for private detective work in Warren

Zoning Amendments
Use this library to petition for amendments to the Zoning Ordinance and/or to the Zoning Maps.

Document Library
Petition for Zoning Ordinance Amendment
Petition for amendment to the Zoning Ordinance. Reviewed by Town Council. Consult with Zoning Officer to understand the process and schedule.

Zoning Map Amendment
Petition for an amendment to the Zoning Maps. Reviewed by Town Council. Consult with the Zoning Officer for the process.

Dog License
All dogs in the Town of Warren must be licensed. Use this form to apply and pay the license fee at the Town Clerk's Office (Town Hall, first floor). Along with the completed form and payment for license please provide a valid Rabies Certificate when licensing your dog. Rabies shots can not expire before the license does (April 30th).

Document Library
Dog License

Other Licenses
The Town of Warren uses a general petition for the following licenses: 
(See links below for an application)

Victualling License
Bowling Alley License
Pool Table Venue License
Game Machine License
Transfer License
Class F Beverage License
Class F1 Beverage License
Holiday Sales License
Kennel License
Drainlayers License

Document Library
Petition to Council for License (Miscellaneous)
Victualling License
Transfer of Victualling License
Class F & Class F1 Beverage License
Bowling Alley, Pool Table & Game Machine License
Holiday & Kennel License
Yearly Mobile Food Establishment License Application